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  1. hello, can you teach me how to edit use this theme like your blog??

  2. manfaat says:

    vikas you're the best..l love your themes . support for u

  3. I like this theme!

    like to use on my blog

  4. Paul Ryan says:

    Wow! I really love this theme.

  5. Yahya says:

    I am using a custom domain with this. It works almost perfectly, apart from the fonts. I am getting the basic Arial font. None of the fonts that show in the bloodspot work here. :-s Any suggestions???

  6. IN London says:

    how do remove the side bar on the right

  7. How do I

    1) add a related posts wider to the individual posts
    2) add a lightbox to display images on a post

    I have tried so many different types already without success for both. This template is great but it's extremely difficult to edit and add too. And yet it's the actual style that I need. Even the menu is basic and there are no instructions on how to create submenus for example which I really need to do. I am almost on the verge to deleting and starting again with something else. Can anyone out there help??????

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